Food guide through Porto

* przewiń w dół, aby przeczytać po polsku 🙂   I can come back to Portugal at any time because of the food. It’s always delicious and cheap. It’s not complicated but it always tastes great.  A meal at my university’s canteen was roughly 2,5 euros and it consisted of fresh seafood. You could choose…

A quick run through​ Brussels

I have only few hours to explore the city but that that’s perfect. The sun is shining and the city looks dazzling in the sunset light. All cafe places are overloaded with people. Brussel is bustling.

5 things you should do when you visit Mallorca​

I would never say that I would like Mallorca. I wouldn’t believe if somebody told me that I would go there. But yet I went I’m absolutely in love with it! Mallorca so much surprised me! Come with me for a short trip through this amazing Spanish island!

One day trip in the Netherlands​

Just as real espresso tastes best when drinking slowly on a small square in Italy, the harsh northern countries visited in the winter reveal more of their character and authenticity. The temperature might not be the most pleasant but it gives you a good excuse to drop in somewhere for a coffee whenever you feel like.

Flat in the Netherlands: where to look for a place to live?

After describing all my experience with desperate flat hunting, scammers and Airbnb adventures I decided to write a short guide on where to look for a place to live in the most crowded European land which might not be a piece of cake. 

how Julia bought her first thing in the Netherlands and what was it

And there it was – my very ugly black bike standing at the Boergoensestraat – and me – staring at it proudly not knowing by this time that soon I will have to invest double its worth in the reparations. It might had been love at first sight but we were not supposed to live happily ever after.

An island​ like a wallpaper

More often than not islands don’t really look like countries to which they belong to. They have their own communities and live their own lives. And perhaps that’s what attracts me to them.