Few ​ways to make your Dutch life more interesting: Rotterdampas, Museum Kaart and others


When you move to a new place, there are always plenty of things to organize and they usually seem to have no end. It’s a struggle but eventually, you will finish them. And once you finally manage to settle, it’s time to think about some nicer opportunities that a new place has to offer.

Below you can find some offers that allow you to enjoy The Netherlands more and which I believe are great deals. So keep on reading and when you finish start exploring! 🙂


Rotterdampas is a card that allows you to visit numerous, or should I rather say countless, places like museums, bars, cinemas or many others with a significant discount or completely for free. The action includes more than 500 institutions! Of course, you probably won’t visit all of them, but it will probably pay back after you use two or three of the listed major attractions.

The only inconvenience is the fact that their whole website and all the promo materials (that I regularly get by mail) are in Dutch. I was more surprised than annoyed when I found it out because normally it’s opposite in The Netherlands. Since there’re so many international students here (who are encouraged to come) and almost all the institutions have their website in English, I was not expecting that. I kindly suggested to a lady at the point of sale that maybe they could consider the English version too but she told me that I should learn Dutch. I would love to see her face when she comes to Poland and I tell her that she should learn polish to buy a ticket. But probably that’s actually what happens at our railway stations…

Price & Conditions

The card is valid for one year: from March for the next 12 months (so from March to March in simple words) and there’re three rate options:

Students: 12,50 euros (you need a valid student ID)

Adults: 60 euros

Age +65: 20 euros


The card allows you to visit many places either with a reduced price or completely for free. Most of the places you can visit only once for free but then you get a discount each time you come back. Thus, you can enter most of the Rotterdam’s museums without any fee and grab a 1 euro ice-cream on your way! The offer includes sports facilities such as swimming pools, ice rinks, yoga classes or aerobics, several art workshops where you can try for example ceramics, restaurants with discounts or some weekend trips. Some of these things are completely for free and some are a bit more expensive but with a reduced price. Also, there are some actions that include locations in The Hague or Delft.

Where to get it?

You can get in the city centre of Rotterdam in the building of the Public Library (the very futuristic one) or you can purchase it online. The advantage of ordering it in person is that you don’t have to wait and you get it immediately. It’s also 3 euros cheaper but well, you have to make this enormous effort and go there.

You can also get it at some smaller locations here.

Is it worth it?

Definitely yes, if you’re planning to go to the cinema more than once or visit some museum or the Euromast. Additionally, there’re plenty of other attractions waiting for you in Delft or in The Hague!

With Rotterdampaas I went three times to the cinema for free whilst the regular ticket is 8 euros. I also went swimming, visited Cube Houses and had a discount at IFFR Cinema Festival.

Museum Kaart

Museum Kaart is another great deal. If you are seeking for more cultural attractions that might be an option. For you. The card offers an annual membership that gives you a free entrance to more than 400 museums in the Netherlands including those most famous!


Museum Card in simple words is a ticket that allows you to enter most of the museum in The Netherlands. If you decide to visit more than 3 museums per year then it’s definitely worth it especially regarding that Dutch museum – in particular those top ones – are not that cheap. For instance, the ticket to Rijksmuseum costs 20 euros and to the Van Gogh Museum is 19 euros. If you decide on one more visit then you probably already exceed 60 euros. With Museum Card you have unlimited access to all of them (but 1 per day).

Price & Where to get

You can order it online by filling the form on the website and then your card will be delivered within 5 working days.

Or you can go to one of the listed museums and order it personally. You will get a temporary card and within 5 working days, you will get a real Museum Card by post (it works really fast, I checked)!

There are three rate options:

Adults (over 19) : 64,90

Youth (13 – 18) : 32,45

Kids (up to 12) : 32,45

Is it worth it?

Yes, if you’re planning to go to museums quite often. I’m promising myself that this year I will be more culturally engaged!

Also, if you’re looking for a company to your museum trips, you can search for somebody with similar interest. Tinder level upgraded. The Museum Card has just launched this offer and I find it pretty cool!

 OV – chipkaart

From great deals, I could also recommend you the OV – chipkaart with the discount. But since I wrote about it already, you can just check it here.

I really recommend you all the mentioned offers and from myself, I can say that I’m using all of them. Well, OV – chipkaart just because I have to (because I always bike and so far I think I’ve used tram around 8 times only) but I upgraded for a discount program to do more weekend trips! But if you have to decide on one, I would recommend Rotterdampas. It just allows you to do so many things and offers a lot of possibilities! Enjoy!

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  1. Museum Kaart and OV-chip Kaart are my favorite Dutch city ideas:)

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